Mystery Designs Checklist

For those who don't want to see photographs of the mystery designs, here is a checklist. The descriptions are taken from Loretta Spears' now defunct website, courtesy of DH.  At Lara's suggestion I've added links to each article so you can go there quickly if you want more information than what Loretta herself provided.  SPOILER ALERT:  There are photographs in each article so don't click on the link if you don't want to see how the mystery piece looks.

Mystery #1* - "Woven Ribbons" - a 5 x 5 square, worked on 23 count light grey congress cloth using silk, floss, rayon thread, metallic thread and beads. The colors are shades of blue and creme. Copyright 1993.

Mystery #2* - "Winter Reflections" - a 5 x 8 design worked on 24 ct. congress cloth using overdye floss, overdye perle, rayon thread, silk thread and metallic thread. The colors are shades of white with a blue accent.  Copyright 1994? 

Mystery #3* - "Spring Reflections" is the second in the Reflection series and is the same as the others in the series, but the colors and stitches are entirely different. The colors are 
beautiful shades of peach and green using various silks, metallics and beads.

Mystery #4* - "Summer Reflections" is the third is the series and the same size and shape as the others. Stitched on ash rose congress cloth using various silks, cottons and metallics in shades of pink, white and a touch of yellow.

Mystery #5* - "Autumn Reflections" is again the same size and shape, but is stitched on creme congress using overdye floss, rayon, metallic cotton, and beads. The colors are off-white to pastel shades of gold.  Copyright 1995?

Mystery #6* - "Versatility" - is a stitching accessory bag, to be finished in a tri-fold bag, with enough light grey, 23 congress cloth included for you to add a needle case and pin cushion. Threads are overdyed floss, Anchor floss, Lacquered Jewel, metallics, and Japanese Toho beads. The colors are teal and mauve. 

Mystery #7* - "Heirloom" Limited Edition (only 500 copies) - a 11 x 20 Christmas stocking or 9 x 20 wall hanging. Uses 23 count light grey congress cloth. It is stitched in Christmas colors, with bright red shading to deep burgundy, using silk, silk and wool blend, cotton and rayon threads, lots of gold metallic, and Japanese Toho beads. 

Mystery #8* - "Bargello Symphony" - is 8 x 14 and stitched on ash rose congress cloth. The threads are overdyed floss, Anchor floss, DMC floss, Kreinik metallics and Toho beads.The colors are shades of rose and taupe.

Mystery #9* - "Shimmering Silks" - is 8 x 8 and stitched on white congress cloth, using 5 different types of silk - Soie d'Alger, Soie Perlee, Soie Gobelin, Soie Platte in blue and Waterlilies in a creme banana color. Also using Kreinik Very Fine metallics and Mill Hill Petite glass beads.

Mystery #10* - "Fascination" - is stitched on 12 x 12 , eggshell 24 count congress cloth and uses overdyed floss, Marlitt, Kreinik, and perle cotton.   The colors are shades of off white, using the various threads and stitches to reach the desired effect for the maximum light play. There are 39 different patterns of stitches within the design.

Mystery #11 - "My Chatelaine" - was designed as a companion to the stitching accessory bag, Mystery #6 "Versatility". It therefore uses the same colors and threads. The finished design is 2 3/4' x 40" and is stitched on light grey congress cloth.

Mystery #12* - "Ecrusheen" - is a 10 x 10 design stitched on eggshell congress cloth using Marlitt, #12 Perle Cotton, and Coton Floche A Broder, all in Ecru, an antique gold metallic braid, and Japanese Toho beads.

Mystery #13* - "Superstition" - finished is 5 x 5. Stitched on white congress cloth (8 x 8) using peach, aqua, and creme overdyed silk, as well as a Opalescent and Mill Hill Petite beads.  Copyright 1999.

Mystery #14* - "Mystique" - is done on !2 x 18 creme congress, finished size of 8 x 14. It uses Anchor floss and perle cotton only. The colors are: Dusty Rose, Plum, Creme and Black. There 15 different designs with truly unique stitches, incorporating exposed canvas that Loretta recommended be finished by using 'lame' under the design to add glitter to the finished design.  Copyright 2000.

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