Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mystery #3 "Spring Reflections"

Spring Reflections Closeup View
Mystery #3 - "Spring Reflections" is the second in the Reflection series and is the same as the others in the series, but the colors and stitches are entirely different. The colors are beautiful shades of peach and green using various silks, metallics and beads.


Spring Reflections Courtesy of Laura Z.

See Mysteries #2, 4 and 5, which are the rest of the Reflection series..

Beads in Closeup, Courtesy of Laura Z.
The finished piece and closeup views above are all courtesy of Laura Z.

If you want to see the threads for this piece, check out Lara's Diet Pepsi and Xanax blog.

Spring Reflections, Courtesy of Lara Hartley
By the way, Lara has finished her version.  The photo above is hers.  It isn't quite as the instructions read.  She used the wrong thread in a corner, decided she liked it that way, and did them all in a slighter darker thread than intended.

Materials List:
8x11 piece of 24 count white Congress cloth
Waterlilies Flamingo 095
Waterlilies Crystal Bay 127
Soie Crystal 5015
A Ver A Soie Perlee 2912
Supertwist Opalescence 300 (may substitute Accentuate)
Mill Hill Petite Beads 40161

The Needle Art Nut is going to blog stitch this.  I will create a separate article for that and link to it.

Another View of Lara's Spring Reflections Next to the Instructions

Darlene's photo of her almost finished Spring Reflections was posted on Facebook.

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