Free Loretta Spears Designs

Rainbow Gallery has kindly made Loretta's Shell Pattern Roll-Up Ornament available for free to all of Loretta's fans.  They own the copyright for this 1994 design and although they no longer have it up on their website, they very kindly agreed to my publication of it here.  

Two of the threads listed below are no longer available so feel free to substitute a matte and a sparkly thread that coordinate with the color of your 18 count needlepoint canvas.

Rainbow Gallery's Linen is described here--

Rainbow Gallery's Tiara is described here--


I've also charted from a photograph of the finished piece the complex stitch that Loretta used to create her Sweetheart ornament.  

I am not certain my interpretation is correct and of course I don't know what threads Loretta used for the various stitch elements, but I thought you'd enjoy this attempt to deconstruct the beautiful pattern she created.  This is not for a beginner.  The count varies unexpectedly, and there are four different rows in the pattern, two of which are mirror images but differing lengths.  Tricky!

Also see this free handout created to promote Needle Necessities threads.  The copyright belongs to Loretta's family so this is not available to stitch.  I have only seen one copy of this handout.

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