Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mystery #2 "Winter Reflections"

Winter Reflections Courtesy of Needleartnut

Mystery #2 - "Winter Reflections" - a 5 x 8 design worked on 24 ct. congress cloth using overdye floss, overdye perle, rayon thread, silk thread and metallic thread. The colors are shades of white with a blue accent.  This was published in 1994.


Cover Page and Business Card Courtesy of dotard

See Mysteries 3, 4 and 5 for the rest of the Reflections series.

Winter Reflections Courtesy of Needleartnut

Needleartnut blog-stitched this piece.  Here is her first posting, so you can work forwards in time to see how this developed.  Another photograph of this piece is on the left.  It's the same piece but the camera viewed it differently.

There's also another Winter Reflections on Pierette's blog.  There are several good closeups of the design as well.  It appears to be in the same colors as the Needleartnut's version.

Photo Courtesy of Laura Z.

Materials List;
8x11 inch piece of light blue 24 count Congress cloth
Needle Necessities overdyed floss #112 Baby Blue (substitute ThreadworX #1018 Baby Blue Eyes)
overdyed perle #812 ( Needle Necessities size 8 perle in #8112 Baby Blue--substitute ThreadworX size 8 perle cotton in #81018 Baby Blue Eyes)
Au ver √° soie's Soie Perlee #1442
Marlitt #800
Balger cord #001c (substitute Kreinik #001C silver cord)
Balger 1/16 inch ribbon #032 (substitute Kreinik 1/16 ribbon in #032 Pearl or the whiter #5760 Marshmallow)

This site and the next show information from old eBay auctions, including the cover of Mystery #2 and the price it sold for.  Clicking on the Buy Now button takes you to the eBay sale page.

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