Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mystery #8 "Bargello Symphony"

Bargello Symphony, Courtesy of Pierrette

Mystery #8 - "Bargello Symphony" - is 8 x 14 and stitched on ash rose congress cloth. The threads are overdyed floss, Anchor floss, DMC floss, Kreinik metallics and Toho beads.The colors are shades of rose and taupe.


Here are three finished versions.  Terry's is framed.

So is Pierrette's.

Penny's version, although marred by the ANG logo and the way the photo was cropped, is the best photograph as you can see the intricate patterns and the play of pink and ecru.

Terri's is not framed yet.  The second link is a good close up of the piece when it was partly done.

Mystery #8 Courtesy of MJ

Here is MJ's version which won a blue ribbon at the 1997 New York State Fair.  The color is off in the above photo.  She used the colors as listed in the directions.  The following two photos are much better.

MJ's Framed Version of Bargello Symphony

This closeup is better still.  It shows you why she won that blue ribbon.  Note that she did not do the background pattern in the upper left as suggested in the directions.

Bargello Symphony Courtesy of MJ

Materials List:
24 count rose Congress cloth 12 inches wide x18 inches long (design is approximately 11x17 inches)
Needle Necessities overdyed floss #149 "Hydrangea" (substitute ThreadworX #1081)
Kreinik size 8 fine braid in #713
DMC cotton floss 841 (one skein) and 842 (2 skeins)
Anchor cotton floss in 926 (4 skeins), 1016 (7 skeins), 1017 (3 skeins), 1018 (2 skeins), 1020 (5 skeins)
Tojo beads #A771


  1. I have this piece stitched and hanging in my office if you'd like a photo. It won a blue ribbon at the NY State Fair.

  2. I'd love to have a good photo of this! Email a photo to me at chillyhollow at hotmaildot com and make sure you tell me that it's Bargello Symphony, if you changed threads, and what name you would like the photo to be credited to (you can pick Anonymous, if you prefer). I would greatly appreciate it and I know all Loretta's fans would, too!