Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mystery #13 "Superstition"

Mystery #13 Superstition, Courtesy of NP
Mystery #13 - "Superstition" This delicate design finished is 5 x 5 inches. It is stitched on white congress cloth (8 x 8) using peach, aqua, and creme overdyed silk.   The threads are Waterlilies, 3 colors - Flamingo, Crystal Bay and Opal, and a clear shade of Opalescent. There are clear petite Mill Hill beads in the border and at the points of the open diamond shapes in the center diamond shapes.  The design includes Hilton style diamond Jessicas, Rice Stitches and pulled thread areas. The copyright for this piece was dated 1999.


Materials List:
white Congress cloth 8x8
Waterlilies "Flamingo"
Waterlilies "Crystal Bay"
Waterlilies "Opal" 118
Opalescent #300 (one skein)
Mill Hill Petite Beads #40161 (clear round size 11/0 beads)

Superstition, Courtesy of Terry

Pierette has posted photographs of Superstition on her blog which is interesting to compare to Terry's version above.  There are a lot of photographs that show the piece as it developed at this link, with the final framed photograph at the top and bottom of this blog entry.

Here is Terry's original posting about her version, which was made into a sachet.

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