Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mystery #14 "Mystique"

Mystique Original Colors, Courtesy of Molly

Mystery #14 - "Mystique" - is done on 12 x 18 creme congress, finished size of 8 x 14. It uses Anchor floss and perle cotton only. The colors are: Dusty Rose, Plum, Creme and Black. There 15 different designs with truly unique stitches, incorporating exposed canvas that Loretta recommended be finished by using lamé fabric under the design to add glitter to the finished design.

Needleart Nut's Pink Version of "Mystique" Framed


These photos show the chart and the threads and canvas needed to stitch Mystique. This was taken from an old eBay auction.  You can clearly see the dusty rose, plums, cream and black threads needed to stitch the original version of the design.

Needleart Nut is starting this piece and says that following the instructions to choose a starting point takes you too close to the edge of your canvas.  I have added her advice to the Errata page.

Different Colorways Threads and Instructions Courtesy of Miss Kitty

Materials List:

12 x 18 eggshell Congress cloth
Anchor floss #896 and #403 (1 skein of each color)
Anchor floss  #926  and #871 (2 skeins of each color)
Anchor size #12 perle cotton #926 (two balls)
Anchor size #12 perle cotton #871, 896 and 403 (one of each color)

Apparently you need all the colors in both floss and #12 perle cottons.  In most cases you need two flosses and one ball of #12 perle for each color but apparently two balls of the ecru in #12 perle cotton are necessary.

Needleart Nut changed the colors on her version to DMC pale pink 226, medium 224 and dark 223.

Mystery #14 Mystique, Courtesy of Needleart Nut
This is Needleart Nut's finished version, using her own colors. The photograph isn't true to the soft pinks and pastel yellows she used, however.  The photo of the finished piece above is more true-to-life.   If you are interested in watching her stitch this piece on her blog, go to this link and then start at the last page, working from her earliest posting there forward.

Instructions Cover Page Courtesy of Miss Kitty

All the cover pages for #14 I have seen have been lavender (except for one white cover in a set bought in a batch from Loretta), although this doesn't guarantee all the covers are this color.  

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