Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mystery #7 "Heirloom" Limited Edition Stocking or Wall Hanging

Heirloom #7 Limited Edition Stocking
Mystery #7 - "Heirloom" Limited Edition Stocking is dated 1995 and only 500 copies were sold.  This is an 11 x 20 Christmas stocking or 9 x 20 wall hanging. It uses light grey congress cloth. It is stitched in Christmas colors in a woven ribbons design using Splendor and Mori silk, Fiesta, overdyed silk and several metallics with Japanese Toho beads.  The colors are bright red shading to deep burgundy.  It was an expensive kit according to my informant.  Here is NP's certificate.  She owns chart #456, so probably most of the charts sold.  Below is her certificate that came with the chart.

Certificate of Authenticity #456

The finished piece above is courtesy of Lara Hartley.  Below is a closeup view of #456 underway, also courtesy of NP, which gives you a good look at the colors and patterns.

Mystery #7 Heirloom Under Way


This photograph of the instructions and necessary threads copied from an eBay sale.  You can read about the chart and see the price the mystery kit went for here.

Certificate of Authenticity #376, Courtesy of Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty has sent in photographs of her Certificate of Authenticity and of the sealed lessons that came with the certificate.  She didn't get a cover page, so she thinks perhaps Mystery #7 didn't have a cover page like the other thirteen mysteries did.  She may be right.  I've not found anyone who has a copy of Mystery #7 with a cover page.

Miss's Kitty's Certificate, Threads List and Sealed Lessons

Below is another photograph of a finished #7 stocking.  I haven't seen this done as a wall hanging.

Heirloom Stocking, Courtesy of Lara Hartley

Materials List:
light gray Congress cloth 16x24 inches
Impressions Flame #
Splendor silk floss #820 and #826
Silk Mori #6123
Fiesta #716
Needle Necessities overdyed floss #153 (need three skeins)
Kreinik gold cord #002
Kreinik 1/16 inch metallic ribbon #002
Kreinik fine braid #8 #002
Kreinik very fine braid #4 #002
Japanese Toho beads A557

Threads for #7 Courtesy of Miss Kitty
Please note that the quantities of the various threads needed is in question.  LH says you'll need three skeins of the overdue and 10 spools of the metallic but she doesn't specify how many of each type of metallic.)  You certainly will need more than one spool of the various gold metallics judging from the photograph supplied by Miss Kitty.

415/500 Label on Gridded Paper Slip Present with Kit

Full Kit with Certificate of Authenticity 456 of 500

Here is another photograph of an original kit (above).  It comes with Loretta's business card and a certificate of authenticity number 415 of 500.  Many thanks to the Needleart Nut and Lara for this photograph.


  1. None of the ebay postings exists anymore.

  2. True, but you can still see the information, even though the sale is over. It's information I'm after as this isn't meant to be a place to find Loretta Spears' pieces for sale. Having the photo of the threads and instructions is more important to me than finding current eBay sales.