Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mystery #10 "Fascination"

Fascination Courtesy of Needleartnut

Mystery #10 - "Fascination" - is stitched on 12 x 12 , eggshell 24 count congress cloth and uses overdyed floss, Marlitt, Kreinik, and perle cotton.   The colors are shades of off white, using the various threads and stitches to reach the desired effect for the maximum light play. There are 39 different patterns of stitches within the design.


Cover Page, Threads and Instructions Courtesy of Gatesmaren
Materials List:
12x12 inch eggshell Congress cloth
Needle Necessities overdyed cotton floss #120
Marlitt color 1212
Kreinik very fine braid #4 color 191
ball of Anchor #12 perle cotton color 0926

Here is an award-winning version of Fascination stitched by Joni Stevenson.  I don't know if she used the specified colors, but I saw this in person at the ANG Seminar in 2001.  It is magnificent!

Lara's Fascination with size comparison to instructions

Please note that Needleartnut changed the original colors.  To compare the original threads to her version, click here.  This is also her first posting about stitching Mystery #10 so you can follow along.  Neither stitcher did the final step around the outside of the design.

Fascination Courtesy of lara hartley

Lara at Diet Pepsi and Xanax also stitched Fascination, but she changed colors.  Here is her first posting about Mystery #10.  It shows her colors and of course you can work forward through the postings to watch her stitch it.  UPDATE:  I believe this blog has been deleted.  Sorry.

The Needleartnut and Lara both suggest you lay in extra threads to stitch this piece.  Needleartnut says you will need 3 spools of Kreinik, 2 skeins of Marlitt and one of the Needle Necessities but that she didn't have much NN left over.

Another Photo of Lara's Pink Version

By the way, Needle Necessities is out of business but you can substitute an almost identical color from ThreadworX.  Here is what NN overdyed flosses looked like.

Here is the conversion chart.

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