Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mystery #11, "My Chatelaine"

Mystery #11 Cover Page, Courtesy of Miss Kitty
Mystery #11 - "My Chatelaine" - was designed as a companion to the stitching accessory bag, Mystery #6 "Versatility". It therefore uses the same colors and threads. The finished design is 2 3/4' x 40" and is stitched on light grey congress cloth.

Partially Stitched #11, Courtesy of Fireside

Closeup Courtesy of Fireside

See Mystery #6.  The materials list for #6 is apparently the same as for #11 except that you will need a much larger piece of gray Congress cloth

Threads Courtesy of Fireside

Materials List:
gray Congress cloth, 6x48 inches
Needle Necessities overdyed floss #134 (substitute ThreadworX #1050)
Lacquered jewels #429 and #466
Anchor cotton floss #779, 849, 871, and 873
Toho #A503 beads

Congress Cloth, Threads, Threads List and Sealed Lessons Courtesy of Miss Kitty

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