Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brilliance (Loretta Spears Design)

Brilliance Model, Photo Courtesy of Needleartnut
Brilliance is another Loretta Spears Designs ornament, published in August, 1996.  Needleartnut has posted a phooto of the original purple model from the instructions plus her version in red on her blog.  Once it is finished, I'll post a photo of the final design here.


Cover Page Courtesy of Lacunada

Materials List:
white 18 count mono canvas
red Toho beads
purple Kreinik cord #012C
purple Kreinik size 12 braid in color 012

Brilliance, Courtesy of Needleart Nut

Here it is all made up.  Lovely!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Victorian Heart

Victorian Heart

Victorian Heart was published in the January February 1991 issue of Needlepoint Plus.  Photos of the model below are courtesy of Lara Hartley and of the magazine cover, Ann of Baton Rouge.

Red Version, Partly Completed

To see a red version of this heart check out the partly completed version for sale with a xerox of the instructions on eBay.  Many thanks to the seller Threads4Ever for permission to reuse the sale photos.


Materials List:

7x7 inch square piece of white Congress cloth
"shaded" silk floss
DMC cotton floss
Balger silver cord
Mill Hill beads

Needlepoint Plus Jan Feb 1991

Victorian Heart, Front and Back Views

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snowflake (Loretta Spears Designs 1996)

Loretta Spears' Snowflake
Snowflake is a round pointed ornament published under Loretta Spears Designs in January 1996.  Note that there is another Snowflake ornament, published in 1994 that is square and turned on point to make a diamond shape.

Snowflake Cover Page With Some Threads and Canvas
Needleartnut stitched this in blue (below).  The model Loretta stitched herself was in bluish white (above).  You can read about the original threads and the blue ones that were substituted here.  All photographs courtesy of Needleartnut.

Here's Snowflake made up.

Materials List:
7x7 inch piece of 18 count needlepoint canvas
Rainbow Gallery's Flair in #557 and #558
Kreinik blending filament in #032

This link shows Flair 557 and 558 which Loretta used in her model.


Needleartnut's Blue Snowflake

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Christmas Heirlooms: Threads

Threads from Christmas Heirlooms, Courtesy of Pierette

This is another Christmas Heirlooms ornament stitched by Pierette.  She says it is called Threads.  Apparently it was one of the Christmas ornament club series.

Threads Before Finishing, Also Courtesy of Pierette

This link shows the ornament before finishing.  I am also showing the pattern here, just in case the link doesn't always work, so you can see the intricate pattern better.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Tear of Joy Ornament (Christmas Heirlooms Collection)

Tear of Joy, Courtesy of Pierette

Pierette has stitched Tear of Joy, a small ornament included in a Needle Adventures booklet dated October 1993.  It is labeled Loretta Spears' Needle Adventures Christmas Heirlooms Collection. She's kindly given permission for me to post a photograph of her finished piece here, plus link to her website which has several photographs of her piece and Loretta's model.

 October 1993

Instructions, Model, Front and Back of Tear of Joy
Here's another image courtesy of Pierette which shows the booklet cover, Loretta's model, and Pierette's front and back before assembly.  Here are the supplies needed as listed in the instructions:

Materials List:
7x7 #18 peach canvas
7x7 stretcher bars
Waterlilies - Burnt Toast #062
Madeira #304
AK beads #H811

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fiesta Cube (Christmas Ornament Club)

Model Photo, Original Apricot Canvas and Watercolours
Needleartnut has just stitched one of the Loretta Spears Christmas ornament club pieces. The photos of the instructions, model, original apricot canvas (since discontinued) and the Watercolours needed for the original colors are all courtesy of Needleartnut.

Fiesta Cube in Close Up

She was told that this October 1991 Christmas Heirloom Ornament piece is called Fiesta Cube.  You can see the original colors and her more Christmasy thread choice on her blog.

Needleart Nut's Christmas Colors Version

Here is the finished version.  Lovely, isn't it?


Materials List:
18 count mono apricot canvas (color discontinued)
Watercolours Fiesta #010
Mill Hill beads #375 Coral
Balger cord #002 gold
beading needle

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Heirlooms Ornaments

Christmas Heirlooms courtesy of Ann in Baton Rouge

The two small "Christmas Heirlooms" roll up ornaments are shaped like the free ornament on the Rainbow Gallery website.  (For link to the free design, look in the right hand column.)  The instructions for both Christmas Heirlooms appeared in the December 1992 issue of Needlepoint Plus.  Images courtesy of Ann in Baton Rogue.

Note that the colors of Debbie's ornament are what were used in Loretta's model.  The magazine photo Ann scanned for us is a bit off in color.  I'm told all the Needlepoint Plus photos are not true to life.


Dec 1992 Needlepoint Plus, Courtesy of Anne in Baton Rouge

I think Debbie's ornament below is called Yule Roll.  I will have to check my copy of the magazine to see what the Bargello ornament is called.

 Courtesy of Debbie  Gailes

Monday, January 23, 2012

Wish Upon A Star Stocking

Wish Upon A Star Stocking
The small "Wish Upon A Star" stocking was published in the December 1993 issue of Needlepoint Plus.  Model scan courtesy of lara hartley, cover photo below courtesy of Ann in Baton Rogue.


Dec 1993 Needlepoint Plus

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Heirloom Egg

Heirloom Egg Model, front and side views
"Heirloom Egg" was a project in the April 1993 issue of Needlepoint Plus.  A scan of the model from the magazine is courtesy of lara hartley while the cover photo is courtesy of Ann in Baton Rouge.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Antique Heart

Antique Heart Model, Courtesy of lara hartley
The February 1993 issue of Needlepoint Plus has instructions for this lovely heart which is called "Antique Heart."  The cover photograph is courtesy of Ann in Baton Rouge while the scan of the model is courtesy of Lara Hartley.


Needlepoint Plus Feb 1993

UPDATE:  Apparently this was also released as a chart in 1989 under the Needle Adventures name.

This is the auction photo the seller posted (below).  The chart on the left is for the August 1992 Christmas Heirlooms ornament.  Antique Heart is the Needle Adventures chart on the right.

Antique Heart as Needle Adventures Chart

Material List, taken from Lara's blog (link below):
7x7 gray congress cloth
Kreinik #8 fine braid in silver 001
Kreinik 1/16" ribbon also in silver 001
Kreinik blending filament in beige 013
Anchor floss mauve (2 skeins)
Anchor floss 870 light antique violet


Lara continues to work on this piece.  You can see more here.

Antique Heart, Courtesy of Lara Hartley

She's finished!  The photo above is of the finished version and is shown here courtesy of Lara Hartley.  Please note she changed the background stitch behind the pinwheel.

Another view of Lara's Heart Next to the Magazine 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nostalgia: A Keepsake Stocking

Nostalgia:  A Keepsake Stocking
The "Nostalgia:  A Keepsake Stocking" project appeared in the November December 1991 issue of Needlepoint Plus magazine, which is no longer published.  The scan is of the model from the magazine courtesy of lara hartley.  The cover image is reproduced below courtesy of Ann in Baton Rouge.

This design was also published as a Needle Adventures chart in 1992.  The stocking in both the article and chart appears to be identical but I don't know if the materials list is the same.


Materials List:

16x24 inch piece of 18 count mono canvas (?)
two perle cottons
four Kreinik metallics
6-8 shades of pink shading to rose DMC cotton floss
6-8 shades of green shading to dark green DMC cotton floss
other unidentified threads

November December 1991 Needlepoint Plus

Cameo Box Top

The "Cameo" box top design was featured in the November December 1990 issue of Needlepoint Plus magazine, which is no longer published.  The photo above is the model from the magazine and the photo below is the cover of the magazine to aid you in finding it on eBay.  Both are courtesy of Ann in Baton Rouge.


Nov Dec 1990 Needlepoint Plus
Lara is blog stitching this piece, using different materials than specified so she can work from her stash of materials.  You can watch her work starting with this blog entry and working your way forward in time by clicking on "Newer Post" at the bottom of the page.

Partial Materials List:
9x9 stretcher bars
9x9 white canvas
gold braid (Kreinik? size unknown)
gold ribbon (Kreinik size 1/16 inch ribbon?)
gold blending filament
cream colored silk (Splendor?)
Mill Hill pearl beads
size 17 gold pallettes

Lara Hartley's Cameo Box Top
Here is Lara's finished version of Cameo Box Top, done in her colors.  Lara says the finished design is five inches square.  You can see a closeup of her finished stitching on her blog.  Work forward in time from this link to see her postings about this piece.
UPDATE:  Sorry, but this blog has been deleted, which means the links below are dead.

Another Photo of Lara's Box Top

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sweetheart (Loretta Spears Designs)

Sweetheart Cover Page, Courtesy of Needeart Nut

The Needleartnut just finished stitching this lovely little heart ornament from Loretta Spears.  It is called Sweetheart and it was published in February 1995 under the Loretta Spears Design name.  This is worked with Needle Necessities threads and Accentuate.

Heart Ornament Courtesy of Needleartnut

It makes for a very pretty little ornament.


Materials, Courtesy of Fireside Stitchery

Materials List:
5x5 inch square of white Congress cloth
Needle Necessities pink overdyed cotton floss 159 Ambrosia (substitute ThreadworX 1103 Pretty n' Pink)
Opalescent thin metallic pink 302 (substitute pink Accentuate or Kreinik blending filament)

Closeup, Courtesy of Fireside

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Medallions (Needle Adventures, Artists Collection)

"Medallions" is a chart by Needle Adventures, Artists Collection, published in 1993.  It diagrams a spot sampler that uses bargello motifs.  Ornaments made from some of the designs are shown on the cover as well.  This chart is fairly easily available today.  This site has one for sale.


Close Up

Lara is stitching one of the ornaments from this leaflet which she says is called Christmas Heirloom Victorian Gem and was available as a separate kit as part of the Christmas ornaments club.  See the article entitled Victorian Gem June 1993 for more information.

A second Bargello ornament from this leaflet was published in April 1993 under the Needle Adventures name in the Christmas Heirloom series as Medallion.

There were three other Loretta charts published by The Artists Collection under the Needle Adventures name--Bargello Fantasy, Florentine Fantasy, and Today is Someday.

Instructions Page Courtesy of LakeAustin

Materials List:

Wichelt Imports' Vintage Linen 28 count, 10 x 18 inch piece

Lacquered Jewels 484 (may substitute Access Commodites' Bijoux) or Balger Cord 034

May use either DMC or Anchor cotton flosses:
light blue - Anchor 274 or DMC 928
medium light tan - Anchor 387 or DMC Ecru
medium tan - Anchor 388 or DMC 842
medium dark tan - Anchor 392 or DMC 642
medium blue - Anchor 849 or DMC 927
dark blue - Anchor 850 or DMC 926
dark tan - Anchor 903 or DMC 3032
light tan - Anchor 926 or DMC 712

Today Is Someday

"Today is Someday" is a chart by The Artists Collection, Needle Adventures Series.  It diagrams a spot sampler and shows two parts of the sampler used as a bell pull and ornament.  This chart is fairly easily available today.  This site has three for sale.

Three other Loretta charts were published by Artists Collection under the Needle Adventures name--Medallions, Florentine Fantasy, and Bargello Fantasy.


Florentine Fantasy

Cover Photo Courtesy of Irina Gorin
"Florentine Fantasy" is a chart by The Artists Collection, Needle Adventures Series, published in 1993.  It diagrams two bargello pieces, one a small box top size and the other a longer rectangle.  This chart is fairly easily available today.  This site has three for sale.

Close Up

The Artists Collection published three other Loretta charts under the Artists Colletions name--Medallions, Today is Someday, and Bargello Fantasy.


Chart Models Courtesy of Irina Gorin
Several folks have stitched this piece and posted photographs on their blogs.  Here is The Committed Stitcher, who used red, white and blue for colors.  The final piece is shown below.

Florentine Fantasy Framed, Courtesy of Meg W.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Ornament Club Kits: Medieval Tile and Hearts & Trumpets

I don't have a good description of these Christmas ornaments but apparently they were sold as a club that had kits with line drawn canvas, threads and instructions.  Medieval Tiles was published under the Needle Adventures name as part of the Christmas Heirlooms Collection in September 1993.

Since two folks are going to blog-stitch some of these Christmas ornaments, I thought I'd add information about each below.  I will add further information to this article as I have more about each of the Christmas ornaments in this club.

Christmas Heirlooms Medieval Tile Stocking Cover, Courtesy of Lara Hartley

Christmas Ornament Club Kit - Medieval Tile Stocking
This is being done at the Diet Pepsi and Xanax blog on sparkling white canvas instead of the rose pink in the kit but uses the original Needle Necessities overdyed cotton threads #138 and #158.*   The first posting about the design shows the model photograph.  If you work forward in time, you'll eventually see the finished but unmade up piece below. I'm just sorry the photograph doesn't show the beads well.

Medieval Tile Stocking, Courtesy of Lara Hartley

Below is the finished mini stocking.  It is about six and a half inches tall and finished with a cuff opening and inner lining as a full Christmas stocking.  The finishing was done by Leigh Shafer.  The finished photo is courtesy of Lara Harley.
Lara's Finished Medieval Tile

*Needle Necessities is out of business but you can substitute ThreadworX's overdyed floss Green Tea Latte #1060 for NN'sTapestry Green #138, and substitute ThreadworX's overdyed floss Peony #1102 for NN's Cluny Rose #158 if you wish to stitch to the original colors used by Mrs. Spears.

Medieval Tile Outlined Canvas, Threads and Beads, Courtesy of Lara Hartley

If you would like to see the original NN colors, this online shop maintains a reference page.

Materials List Medieval Tile
8 X 7 piece of 18 count Ash Rose needlepoint canvas
Needle Necessities overdyed floss #158
Needle Necessities overdyed floss #138
Mill Hill glass beads #02016

Hearts and Trumpets, Also Courtesy of lara hartley

Christmas Ornament Club Kit - Hearts and Trumpets
This piece was also stitched by the Diet Pepsi and Xanax blog.  The blog notes the original canvas color was rose but the stitcher saved that to resell with the design on eBay later and went with green instead.  It's a very pretty little thing, isn't it?  As far as I know, this is not part of the Christmas Heirlooms Collection.


Here is a partial photograph of the cover page of Hearts and Trumpets, courtesy of Needleart Nut.