Monday, July 2, 2012

Snowflake (Needle Adventures 1994)

Snowflake 1994 Cover Page, Courtesy of Needleartnut

The first of two ornaments with the name Snowflake, this ornament was published anther the Needle Adventures name in November, 1994.    The model is white using "white Caron and metallic sparkly thread."

Closeup of Snowflake, Courtesy of LH

The 1996 Snowflake ornament was published by Loretta Spears Designs and the model uses bluish-white threads.  Here is the link to the article on that design.


Materials for Nov. 1994 Snowflake

Materials List:
white 18 count needlepoint canvas - 6x6 square
Caron's Snow (metallic thread in the original white) - two skeins

Needleart Nut is blog-stitching Snowflake.  Here are the links.   It is easier to see the design if you follow along watching her progress.  (I'll put the information about Bliss in that article.)

Finished Snowflake, Courtesy of Needleart Nut

Needleart Nut has created a two-sided ornament of two different colorways of Snowflake.  Photos are below but here is the link to her blog.  She did the same for Bliss.

Both sides of Snowflake (left) and Bliss (right), courtesy of Needleart Nut

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