Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nostalgia Stocking: A Needle Adventures Chart

Nostalgia Chart with Threads, Courtesy of gail1156

An eBay seller has posted the Needle Adventures chart for a stocking called "Nostalgia" with various threads and a 16x24 piece of 18 count canvas.    The auction starting price is $30 with $5 for "standard shipping."  The seller gail1156 says the chart is dated 1992 and kindly allowed me to reuse her auction photos here.

UPDATE:  Sadly, this chart didn't find a home.  Hopefully the seller will relist the auction.

Closeup of the Nostalgia Stocking from the Needle Adventures Chart

"Nostalgia:  A Keepsake Stocking" was published in the November-December 1991 issue of Needlepoint Plus magazine.  It appears to be the same design, published in the magazine and then republished as a stand alone Needle Adventures chart the next year.  Here is the article about the magazine version.


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