Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tear of Joy Ornament on eBay UPDATED

The Tear of Joy Ornament chart has turned up on eBay.  The listing is a little vague but it looks like the instructions and some thread and beading needles are included.  The posting shows what looks like a beaded canvas but it is not clear if that finished piece on Loretta's original canvas (it has her LS logo) is included.  This sale starts at $12.99 with "free standard shipping."

UPDATE:  Tear of Joy's chart sold at the starting price above.  Someone got a nice deal!

Tear of Joy is one of the Christmas Heirlooms Collection ornaments and was published in Oct. 1993 under the Needle Adventures name.  Good luck to any bidders!


Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 2013 eBay Sales Items

Two copies of the December 1992 Needlepoint Plus magazine are on eBay right now. This is the issue with the Christmas Heirlooms tubular ornaments by Loretta Spears in it.  The first sale is a Buy It Now auction with a price of $3.99 plus $2.98 for standard shipping.

UPDATE:  The first sale of the Dec. 1991 Needlepoint Plus magazine ended without a purchaser and has been relisted, this time with a Buy It Now price of $3.99 plus $2.98 for "standard shipping."

The second sale is also a Buy It Now sale, with a price of $5.99 plus $2 for standard shipping.

UPDATE:  The second sale  of the Dec. 1992 Needlepoint Plus magazine ended without a purchaser.
So did the first sale.

Here are what the Christmas Heirlooms Needlepoint Plus ornaments charted in this issue look like.

Also the Today is Someday Artists Collection publication is available as a Buy It Now sale for $5.99 plus free standard shipping.

The Needle Adventures August 1992 Christmas Heirlooms publication is part of a Buy It Now lot of counted patterns.  The price for the entire lot is $13 plus $4 for standard shipping.

UPDATE:  This auction was ended by the seller "because there was an error in the listing."

This is what the August 1992 Christmas Heirlooms ornament looks like in detail--

Florentine Fantasy (the Needle Adventures Artists Collection chart) has turned up on eBay.  This is a Buy It Now auction for $11 plus $3 for "standard shipping."

UPDATE:  This sale ended without a buyer.


Monday, July 29, 2013

Christmas Heirlooms Medallion

Christmas Heirloom Medallion

In April of 1993 Loretta published one of the Bargello ornaments from the 1993 Needle Adventures/Artists Collection chart named Medallions as part of her Christmas Heirlooms collection.  She called it "Medallion"  - no S on the end.  I do not know whether the commercially published chart was published before the single ornaments were published individually or not.

Christmas Heirloom Medallion in Closeup

To see the Needle Adventures/Artists Collection Medallions leaflet that included this ornament, click here.

To see Victorian Gems, the other Christmas Heirlooms ornament that was republished like Medallion from the Medallions chart, click here.

Many thanks to Ben's Grandma and Fireside Stitchery for helping with information about this design!



Materials List:

Three colors of Anchor floss, Supertwist #483 and another metallic which might be Supertwist?
lavender 18 count mono canvas?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

VIctorian Heart on eBay UPDATED

This has been a banner week for fans of Loretta's designs on eBay.  A copy of the January/February 1991 issue of Needlepoint Plus magazine is for sale, with a starting bid of $8.00 plus free "standard shipping."

The magazine includes the instructions and color photograph of Loretta Spear's Victorian Heart.

As always, although I may know the seller in some cases, I have no financial interest in any eBay sales of Loretta's work.

UPDATE:  The magazine containing Loretta's chart sold for $16.49 plus free shipping.


Mystery #14 For Sale UPDATED

The fourteenth mystery kit from Loretta Spears (Mystique) is up for sale on eBay.

The auction's starting bid is $49.99 plus $3.93 for standard shipping and the kit includes Congress cloth and all the threads needed plus the chart.  As always, although I may know the seller I have no financial interest in the outcome of the sale.

UPDATE:  This kit sold at the beginning price of $49.99 plus $3.93 for shipping.  Someone got a nice buy!


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Christmas Heirloom: Diagonal Heart Ornament

Published in February 1992 as part of the Christmas Heirloom series under the Needle Adventures name, this red diagonal heart ornament turned up on eBay this week.  Thanks to the kindness of the eBay seller, I have photos to share.  If anyone has stitched this or has a better photo of the cover photo, please let me know.

Feb. 1992 Christmas Heirloom Heart
According to my informant, the heart is approximately 3 1/3 inches by 3 1/4 inches.

Cover Page

The instructions are in the typical Needle Adventures style, with the ornament displayed hanging from an evergreen branch in front of a brick wall.

Line Drawn Heart

The piece is done on a line drawn canvas using 24 count Congress cloth.

Many thanks to the eBay seller for permission to share the photographs from the sale with Loretta's fans.


Materials List:
line drawn heart on 6x6 24 count white Congress cloth
Needle Necessities overdyed cotton floss #152 "Moulin Rouge"
Cresta d'Oro #C22
AK pearls 2 1/2 mm
beading needle

Substitute ThreadworX cotton floss #1087 "Peppermint" for the Needle Necessites floss and size 14/0 or 15/0 pearls for the 2 1/2 mm ones.

A New Heart Ornament Discovered on eBay UPDATED

A brand new Needle Adventures heart-shaped ornament has turned up on eBay.  The seller hasn't listed much information about it.  Here is the link.  The heart is done from an outline on 24 count Congress cloth.  As far as I can tell, no threads or embellishments are included in the sale.  Bidding starts at $4 plus $2.25 for standard shipping.

I will contact the eBay seller for more details.

UPDATE:  This chart sold for the starting price.  A very good deal!


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Christmas Heirlooms August 1992 on eBay UPDATED

A Needle Adventures chart for the August 1992 ornament called Christmas Heirlooms has turned up in a sale of several charts on eBay.  This is a Buy It Now auction with a price of $13 plus $4 in shipping.  UPDATE: Since these charts haven't sold, the price has been lowered to $9.75 plus #4 shipping.

You can see the full cover and a bit more about Christmas Heirlooms here.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Florentine Fantasy on eBay UPDATED

There's a new Needle Adventures chart available on eBay--Florentine Fantasy, published by the Artists Collection.  Bids start at $10 plus $4 for shipping costs.

As always, I have no financial interest in any eBay sale mentioned here.  If you are interested, good luck!

UPDATE:  This auction expired without anyone bidding.  :(


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Repeat eBay Sale? UPDATED

The same two charts ("Medallions" and "Today is Someday") are up on eBay again, sold by the same seller.  I don't know if the buyer of last week's sale didn't pay up or if the seller is a shop with multiple copies of the charts.  The current price is $2.84 with $2.39 extra for shipping costs.

UPDATE:  This sale ended with a final bid of $10.49 with $2.39 in shipping.  That's not bad for two of the Needle Adventures charts from The Artists Collection.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Just for Fun

Just for fun tonight I Googled "Loretta Spears" and discovered the Needle Adventures chart for Medallions for sale at Alex Paras.


Two New Needle Adventures Charts on eBay UPDATED

Yesterday I discovered an eBay auction for two of Loretta's Needle Adventures charts.  Today is Someday and Medallions are both for sale in the same auction.  The starting price is ninety-nine cents plus $2.39 in shipping, which is a very good price for two designs.

As always, although I might know the seller of Loretta's designs, I have no financial interest in any eBay sales.  Hope these two charts go home with a fan of Loretta Spears' designs or spark interest in her work from someone who is new to her charms.

UPDATE:  These two charts sold for $11.01 plus $2.39 shipping.  Congratulations to the winner!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Third Florentine Fantasy on eBay

A third Florentine Fantasy chart has appeared on eBay.  This chart's bidding starts at $4.99 plus $2.50 in shipping costs.  The seller is the same one who offered Mystery #2 just a week ago.

As always, I have no financial interest in any eBay sale mentioned here, but this very nice seller did contribute a photo of the cover page of Mystery #2 to this blog.  Thank you very much!  Good luck to everyone who bids.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Winter Reflections (Mystery #2) For Sale UPDATED

While checking on the Florentine Fantasy chart sales on eBay to see if there's been any change, I noticed a third Loretta piece for sale--Winter Reflections!  This is Loretta Spear's second mystery piece and the first in her series of seasonal reflections designs.

The sale is for the instructions only.  I don't know if Loretta's business card (shown in the photo of the cover page) is included in the sale.  The bidding is currently at $3.99 plus $2.50 shipping.

As always, although sometimes I know the seller in these eBay auctions, I have no financial interest in the outcome of the sale.

UPDATE:  This mystery chart (without fabric or threads) sold for $26.79 plus $2.50 shipping.  Someone got a very good deal!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Florentine Fantasy For Sale (Twice!)

In an odd coincidence, two different eBay sellers have the Florentine Fantasy chart (published under the Needle Adventures name as one of the Artists Collection charts) for sale.

Sale number one is a Buy It Now sale.  The chart will be yours for $11.89 with free shipping.

Sale number two is also a Buy It Now sale.  The chart is much cheaper at $6.97 plus $2.50 shipping.

I have no financial interest in either sale, by the way, and this time I don't know either of the sellers.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bargello Symphony (Mystery #8) on eBay UPDATED

Bargello Symphony (also known as Mystery #8) is up for sale on eBay.  The current auction bidding is $35.98 plus $3.50 shipping for the charts, floss, metallics and beads to complete the project.  There is also a business card from Loretta shown that may be part of the auction but I do not see the canvas needed for the project.

UPDATE:  Mystery #8 sold for $25.98 plus $3.50 shipping.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Florentine Fantasy Chart on eBay UPDATED

The Florentine Fantasy chart published by Artists Collection under the Needle Adventures name is up for sale on eBay.  The current bid is at $5.99 plus $2.79 shipping.

As always, although I might know the seller, I have no financial interest in any eBay sales I post about here.

UPDATE:  This item sold for $8.50 plus $2.79 shipping.