Friday, January 27, 2012

Tear of Joy Ornament (Christmas Heirlooms Collection)

Tear of Joy, Courtesy of Pierette

Pierette has stitched Tear of Joy, a small ornament included in a Needle Adventures booklet dated October 1993.  It is labeled Loretta Spears' Needle Adventures Christmas Heirlooms Collection. She's kindly given permission for me to post a photograph of her finished piece here, plus link to her website which has several photographs of her piece and Loretta's model.

 October 1993

Instructions, Model, Front and Back of Tear of Joy
Here's another image courtesy of Pierette which shows the booklet cover, Loretta's model, and Pierette's front and back before assembly.  Here are the supplies needed as listed in the instructions:

Materials List:
7x7 #18 peach canvas
7x7 stretcher bars
Waterlilies - Burnt Toast #062
Madeira #304
AK beads #H811

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  1. i so want to learn how to do simple finishing. i suppose the only way to learn, besides flying in someone to teach me how, is to bite the bullet and just follow some directions! lovely work from pierette!