Needle Adventures Artists Collection Checklist

This page is reserved for a listing of all charts commercially published as the Needle Adventures Artists Collection series.  The four Needle Adventures Artists Collection leaflets are listed below.  All have photographs in the article about them on this site.  Just follow the link to see the article on this design.

Loretta also self-published ornament charts under the Needle Adventures name alone.  These charts have "Needle Adventures" written on the cover above a glued-on photo of the model but the name of the ornament is not on the cover.  For more information about these, look at the Small Ornaments Checklist Tab.


Bargello Fantasy (published 1994) Almost identical to Loretta Spears 1991 magazine design of the same name (second link below)

Florentine Fantasy (published 1993)

Herringbone Stitch Ball
(published 1991) - This Christmas Heirlooms ornament was published as a Needle Adventures chart, but also with a Distributed by Artists Collection" sticker so I am including it here as well as on the Small Ornaments Checklist.  The example I've seen has a price sticker and the "Distributed by Artists Collection" sticker has the address and phone number of Loretta's shop so it may have been purchased there.

Medallions (published 1993)  Two ornaments from this chart were also published as Christmas Heirloom ornaments in Loretta's Christmas ornament club (second and third link below shows designs taken from Medallions).

Today is Someday (publication date unknown)