Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bargello Fantasy (Needlepoint Plus)

Bargello Fantasy (Needlepoint Plus)

Bargello Fantasy was original published  in the July August 1991 issue of Needlepoint Plus.   In 1994 Needle Adventures republished this design as a chart with a photo of the finished model on the back cover.  The chart version of Bargello Fantasy is discussed separately.

Needleartnut's Bargello Fantasy from NP Plus

The two designs are almost, but not quite, identical.  The "ribbon" across the top of the design is shorter in this version and the lower left bargello pattern is different as you can see in this photo of the finished magazine version, courtesy of Needleartnut.  The bottom triangles may also differ.  I can't be sure of that based on the images I've seen.  The scans of the Needlepoint Plus model and magazine cover are courtesy of Ann in Baton Rouge.

Needlepoint Plus July Aug 1991

I will be posting corrections to the magazine chart in the Errata tab above shortly.

Bargello Fantasy, Courtesy of Tara K.

By the way, this is Tara K's version, stitched in her favorite blues and teals.  It won a red ribbon at the Calgary Stampede Western Living Exhibition, too!  Congratulations, and thanks very much for allowing us to see how the different colors turned out.

The delicate version stitched by Sue. H.

And this is Sue H.'s version on congress cloth.   It isn't framed yet.  Thanks, Sue!



  1. Where can I find the chart and fiber recommendations for bargello symphony?

    1. The best place to find Bargello Symphony's chart is on eBay. In fact, this is the only place to find it! This piece is Mystery Number Eight, by the way, so keep your eyes open for both titles. The materials list is here on Blog. Sorry I can't make links live in Comments but copy/paste should work. Keep an eye on this blog, though. I post eBay sales when I find them.