Friday, February 3, 2012

Tobacco Leaf

Tobacco Leaf
Tobacco Leaf was quite unusual as it was based on a Marcy Covington painted canvas of a traditional pattern.   It was published in the July August 1986 issue of Needlepoint News with a line drawing that was supposed to be transferred to blank needlepoint canvas.  Each section was then to be filled in with the stitches Loretta choose when she stitched the painted canvas version.  I believe this was the first published design by Mrs. Spears.

Line Drawing Showing Stitch Placement

The line drawing, model and magazine cover are courtesy of Ann in Baton Rouge.  By the way, Marcy Covington painted canvases are still available.  They are distributed by Julia's Needleworks.  I do not see the tobacco leaf pattern in the catalog but it might still be available.


Needlepoint News July August 1986

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