Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Heirlooms Ornaments

Christmas Heirlooms courtesy of Ann in Baton Rouge

The two small "Christmas Heirlooms" roll up ornaments are shaped like the free ornament on the Rainbow Gallery website.  (For link to the free design, look in the right hand column.)  The instructions for both Christmas Heirlooms appeared in the December 1992 issue of Needlepoint Plus.  Images courtesy of Ann in Baton Rogue.

Note that the colors of Debbie's ornament are what were used in Loretta's model.  The magazine photo Ann scanned for us is a bit off in color.  I'm told all the Needlepoint Plus photos are not true to life.


Dec 1992 Needlepoint Plus, Courtesy of Anne in Baton Rouge

I think Debbie's ornament below is called Yule Roll.  I will have to check my copy of the magazine to see what the Bargello ornament is called.

 Courtesy of Debbie  Gailes


  1. what's interesting is the size of these roll-ups. the one i am putting the final finishing on is about the size of a toilet paper cardboard. i thought they were MUCH smaller!

  2. I think at one time a lot of folks created these roll ups so they could be finished by wrapping around a toilet paper tube. Now we worry about the acid in the cardboard but I think the assumption that they'd be finished this way was still very much in the designers' minds in the 1980s-90s.

  3. LOL! seriously? now that's funny.

  4. i think the colours are the same, it's just the photo in the magazine is either not very good or did not reproduce well. the colours in the photo i sent from debbie are true to life.