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Designs listed here are things various folks have heard about or that don't fit into the Small Ornaments or Mystery Designs or Magazine Designs categories.   Since I don't have much information about some of these pieces and don't know where they fit, they are listed here. Any help you can give will be appreciated.  Just email me at this address -- LorettaSpearsDesigns@gmail.com  Designs that have photographs or other information on this site have a link to the article underneath the description.


Antique Thread Winder Sampler* (published under the Needle Adventures name in 1992) - band sampler style piece with space for a thread winder to be attached

Desert Storm (a large design sold as a kit done to commemorate the 1991 Middle East War)

Diamond Brocade Egg (same as Christmas Club ornament Brocade Egg?) - ornament

A Design By Loretta Spears -- Needle Necessities free chart to promote their threads - copyright 1993 by Loretta - free promotional thread handout for ornament using NN's overdyed floss and matching shade in overdyed perle cotton; designed to be mounted over styrofoam circle or heart shape with matching tassel made from the overdyed perle cotton

Quilt Pattern - taught around 1986 at Loretta's shop without charted instructions using 8 shades of DMC floss on line drawn 18 count tan canvas

Shell Pattern Roll-Up - free design giveaway done for Rainbow Galley in 1994 to promote their threads -  a shell trellis pattern in a matte and sparkly thread on the same color of 18 count canvas - four colorways are included in the instructions.  There is also a Small Ornament design called Shell Pattern Roll, which may or may not be the same design.  Copyright 1994 by Rainbow Gallery which has kindly made this available to Loretta's fans in the below link.

Victorian Needlework Stocking —  Gray/mauve/blue stocking dated 1989 and published under the Loretta Spears Designs name - This may be called Victorian Needlework Stocking, but I am not sure.  Let me know if you know anything about this piece.

Teardrop - apparently different from Tear of Joy

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