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This page is reserved for corrections to Loretta's published charts and useful tips.  Errata are arranged by title of the design.  If you know of any problems with a chart, please let me know at  Thanks!


Bargello Fantasy (magazine version) - The Purple Needle of Calgary, Alberta, Canada handed out a two page sheet of tips and corrections for the magazine version of Bargello Fantasy.  I have been trying to reach the owner of the now closed shop for permission without avail.  All the folks who worked with her don't know how to reach her.  So I am going ahead and posting the tips here and hoping that Shelley will forgive me if she discovers them here.

Mystery #6 "Versatility"
Lara recommends getting 2 skeins of the Needle Necessities overdye for this piece.

Mystery #10 "Fascination"
The Needleartnut and Lara both suggest you get extra threads to stitch this piece. Needleartnut says you will need 3 spools of Kreinik, 2 skeins of Marlitt and one of the Needle Necessities over dyed cotton but that she didn't have much NN left over.  You might want to get two skeins of the overdyed cotton, just to be sure you have enough.

Mystery #14 "Mystique"
Note that the beginning point seems to be wrong.  Needleartnut says starting from the right edge and down 2.75 inches as the instructions say will take you too close to the edge of your canvas.  She recommends you count down one and a half inches instead.

Shell Pattern Roll-Up Ornament (free design from Rainbow Gallery website)
Lara says she needed more of the metallic thread Tiara than the design calls for.  This is a complex open pattern and probably the amount of thread needed depends on the stitching path you take.

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