Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Origin of the Reflections Series

While checking the contents of a kit for mystery two "Winter Reflections" I discovered a sheet of green paper inserted in the kit which explains due to popular demand, Loretta decided to do a series of seasonally themed mysteries.  These are the Reflections series--mystery three became "Spring Reflections," followed by mysteries four ("Summer Reflections") and five ("Autumn Reflections").  All the designs are the same size and coordinate well together as Loretta explained above.

It's nice to know that Loretta listened to her many fans and adjusted her mysteries to please them.

By the way, the top of the green sheet in the image above was cut off to hide the name of the original owner of this particular kit for privacy's sake.

Apparently, Loretta sent out instructions every two weeks for all her mystery projects, except for Mystery Six, Versatility, which is large so she sent out instructions every three weeks.  I think after the original introduction that the entire mystery chart was available at one time but I cannot be certain of this.


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