Thursday, September 3, 2015

Loretta's Needle Adventures Cover Sheet

Recently I discovered one of Loretta's unused cover pages for the Needle Adventures line.  These sheets were printed in green and black on a slick, heavy stock with space to paste a colored photo of the design inside the cover.  Obviously Loretta had these run off at a local print shop and stapled the cover to each set of instructions, adding the right photo on top of the cover page.   I didn't know what lies under the photograph until now.

"Needle Adventures by Loretta Spears"  - I like the sound of that!



  1. Quite a surprise, wasn't it! I've ordered Needle Adventures two days ago. Thanks to your wonderful blog and interesting thoughts and reviews on Loretta's designs, I found it interesting and decided to try. Thanks a lot!
    Nicole Harmer

    1. Hope you have fun with it. I rarely do counted pieces myself (I can't count to 3 reliably) but they certainly are pretty when finished.