Friday, July 17, 2015

Jeweled Box (Loretta Spears Designs)

Cover Page Courtesy of Fireside

Thanks to Jeweled Box turning up on eBay this week, I have lots of new information about this Loretta Spears Designs ornament published in December of 1995.  By the way, this item sold for $7.49.

Full Chart 

The ornament itself is a small rectangle and the chart is three pages plus the cover page with the usual photograph against greenery.

Original Supplies

The auction includes the instructions, red canvas, the overdyed floss, gold beads, and spool of silver Kreinik needed to stitch the design.


Materials List:
size 18 Victorian red canvas 6x8 inches
Needle Necessities overdyed floss #151 (dark greens and garnet)
Kreinik 1/16 inch metallic ribbon #001 (silver)
Toho Beads #A161 (gold)

Close up Courtesy of Fireside

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