Friday, January 10, 2014

Three Charts (One UNKNOWN!) on eBay UPDATED

A consignment seller on eBay has three of Loretta's ornament charts together for sale.  The auction has a beginning bid of $5.95 plus $3.25 "standard shipping."

The charts include a unknown photograph for "The Cross" which was published in (December?) 1996.  Apparently this was the last of the Christmas Heirloom series for that year.  I will be contacting the seller for more information and permission to reuse their photograph here.

The second chart in Antique Heart, published as a Needle Adventures chart in 1989.  This was also published in Needlepoint Plus magazine, the Feb. 1993 issue.  I did not know this was also published in chart form.

The third chart is the August 1992 Christmas Heirlooms piece, published under the Loretta Spears Designs name.

UPDATE:  The auction is over with a winning bid of $6.45 plus shipping.  Someone got a nice deal!


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