Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Cross

The Cross, Photo Courtesy of CCC-Consign

Thanks to an eBay auction, we have a photograph of The Cross, published in 1996 by Loretta Spears Designs, probably in December, as the instructions say this "completes the 1996 series of Heirloom Designs."  The design is numbered 1296 at the top, which also makes me think it was published in December 1996.

By the way, the auction starts at $5.95 plus $3.25 for "standard shipping." It also includes the charted version of Antique Heart (which I thought only existed as a publication in the Feb. 1993 issue of Needlepoint Plus; the seller says the publication date for the chart of Antique Heart, published as a Needle Adventures publication, is 1989) and the August 1992 Christmas Heirlooms ornament, published under the Loretta Spears Designs name.

It looks as if there is a diagram of the stitch for The Cross stapled to the instruction sheet but this chart has lost its cover page.  Many thanks to CCC-Consign for details and the reuse of the photo above.


Materials List:
6x6 eggshell Congress cloth
Marlitt #1212
Marlitt #872
Kreinik cord #102C

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