Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Springtime 1992, a New Christmas Heirloom (Needle Adventures)

Springtime 1992, Courtesy of Pjeclipse

Springtime 1992 has turned up on eBay.  This is a Needle Adventures publication I have not seen before. The month this was published is not listed anywhere in the chart, by the way.  The seller describes Springtime this way--"This 1992 Needle Adventures by Loretta Spears SPRINGTIME ornament uses the pinwheel stitch, continental stitch, bead cup stitch, large dimpled scotch, and dimpled alternating scotch stitch."  Here is the eBay auction link.

Another View with Overdye and Canvas, Courtesy of Pjeclipse


Lavendula Canvas, NN Overdye 178, and Balger

As you can see from the photo of several of the threads and the canvas recommended for this piece, the photos of Springtime from the cover of the chart are not true to the actual colors.

Materials List:
18 count Lavendula mono canvas 7" x 7" (in photo above)
Needle Necessities overdye floss - "Coventry Garden" #178 (in photo above)
Balger blending filament #013 - beige
Mill Hill beads #02209

Needle Necessities is no long in business.  Substitute ThreadworX cotton floss #11311 "Summer Flowers"
Balger threads are now sold under the name Krenik - substitute Kreinik blending filament #013 "Beige"

Many thanks to pjeclipse for permission to reuse photos and auction information!

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