Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Florentine Fantasy Chart on eBay UPDATED ONCE AGIN

This morning I discovered Florentine Fantasy for sale on eBay.  This is a Buy It Now auction with a price of $15 plus $4 more for shipping and postage.

This is a commercially published Needle Adventures chart with several Bargello designs, hence the name "Florentine."  It is from a consignment of various charts, some of them quite nice, but none of the rest are by Loretta Spears.

As always, I have no commercial interest in any eBay sale, although occasionally I do know the seller. The needlepoint world is a pretty small one!

UPDATE:  The above auction ended with no buyer, so this has been re-listed.  This time the auction has a $12 starting big with $3 shipping but there is a Buy It Now price of $15.60 plus shipping if you don't want to take your chances missing out.

RELISTED January 2014:  This auction also ended without a buyer so the item was listed again with $11.00 as the starting big and $3 for shipping.  The sale ended without a buyer, though.

And another listing in late January 2014:  This auction is Buy It Now for $10.50 plus $3 shipping.

UPDATE Feb. 27:  The chart still didn't sell.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's a Big Loretta Day on eBay Today UPDATED AGAIN

This morning I found three eBay sales of Loretta's designs.  There's a copy of the December 1992 issue of Needlepoint Plus magazine on sale.  The bidding starts at $4.99 plus $2 for "standard shipping."  UPDATE:  The auction ended with this item unsold. (see below)

The magazine has the instructions for two roll up ornaments by Loretta called Christmas Heirlooms.  One is named "Yule Roll" (I can just see that title in the photograph) and the other I don't know about.    I think Yule Roll is the ornament that isn't Bargello, but I am not sure.  I'll have to check my copy.  I didn't realize Loretta named each ornament.  You can read more about them at this link.  ANOTHER UPDATE #2:  This item is back on eBay as a Buy It Now auction.  See the second link directly below.  The purchase price is $5.99 plus $2 for "standard shipping."


The other two auctions are both for the Bargello Fantasy chart published by Needle Adventures.  The first auction is already at $1.51 with $3.50 shipping.  Some (but not all) of the threads are included and there is a box of Mill Hill beads.  The blue Congress cloth is not included.  UPDATE:  This auction ended with a $35 winning bid plus $3.50 for "standard shipping."

The second auction for Bargello Fantasy by Needle Adventures is part of a lot of three charts, the other two from Heartstrings.  This is a Buy It Now auction with free shipping, so for $18 all three charts can be yours.  No threads or other supplies are included in this auction.  UPDATE:  This auction has ended with someone buying all three charts.  Hope it was a Loretta Fan!

As always, although I may know the eBay seller, I have no financial interest in any eBay auctions.