Saturday, June 29, 2013

Christmas Heirlooms August 1992 on eBay UPDATED

A Needle Adventures chart for the August 1992 ornament called Christmas Heirlooms has turned up in a sale of several charts on eBay.  This is a Buy It Now auction with a price of $13 plus $4 in shipping.  UPDATE: Since these charts haven't sold, the price has been lowered to $9.75 plus #4 shipping.

You can see the full cover and a bit more about Christmas Heirlooms here.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Florentine Fantasy on eBay UPDATED

There's a new Needle Adventures chart available on eBay--Florentine Fantasy, published by the Artists Collection.  Bids start at $10 plus $4 for shipping costs.

As always, I have no financial interest in any eBay sale mentioned here.  If you are interested, good luck!

UPDATE:  This auction expired without anyone bidding.  :(


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Repeat eBay Sale? UPDATED

The same two charts ("Medallions" and "Today is Someday") are up on eBay again, sold by the same seller.  I don't know if the buyer of last week's sale didn't pay up or if the seller is a shop with multiple copies of the charts.  The current price is $2.84 with $2.39 extra for shipping costs.

UPDATE:  This sale ended with a final bid of $10.49 with $2.39 in shipping.  That's not bad for two of the Needle Adventures charts from The Artists Collection.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Just for Fun

Just for fun tonight I Googled "Loretta Spears" and discovered the Needle Adventures chart for Medallions for sale at Alex Paras.


Two New Needle Adventures Charts on eBay UPDATED

Yesterday I discovered an eBay auction for two of Loretta's Needle Adventures charts.  Today is Someday and Medallions are both for sale in the same auction.  The starting price is ninety-nine cents plus $2.39 in shipping, which is a very good price for two designs.

As always, although I might know the seller of Loretta's designs, I have no financial interest in any eBay sales.  Hope these two charts go home with a fan of Loretta Spears' designs or spark interest in her work from someone who is new to her charms.

UPDATE:  These two charts sold for $11.01 plus $2.39 shipping.  Congratulations to the winner!