Sunday, March 24, 2013

Winter Reflections (Mystery #2) For Sale UPDATED

While checking on the Florentine Fantasy chart sales on eBay to see if there's been any change, I noticed a third Loretta piece for sale--Winter Reflections!  This is Loretta Spear's second mystery piece and the first in her series of seasonal reflections designs.

The sale is for the instructions only.  I don't know if Loretta's business card (shown in the photo of the cover page) is included in the sale.  The bidding is currently at $3.99 plus $2.50 shipping.

As always, although sometimes I know the seller in these eBay auctions, I have no financial interest in the outcome of the sale.

UPDATE:  This mystery chart (without fabric or threads) sold for $26.79 plus $2.50 shipping.  Someone got a very good deal!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Florentine Fantasy For Sale (Twice!)

In an odd coincidence, two different eBay sellers have the Florentine Fantasy chart (published under the Needle Adventures name as one of the Artists Collection charts) for sale.

Sale number one is a Buy It Now sale.  The chart will be yours for $11.89 with free shipping.

Sale number two is also a Buy It Now sale.  The chart is much cheaper at $6.97 plus $2.50 shipping.

I have no financial interest in either sale, by the way, and this time I don't know either of the sellers.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bargello Symphony (Mystery #8) on eBay UPDATED

Bargello Symphony (also known as Mystery #8) is up for sale on eBay.  The current auction bidding is $35.98 plus $3.50 shipping for the charts, floss, metallics and beads to complete the project.  There is also a business card from Loretta shown that may be part of the auction but I do not see the canvas needed for the project.

UPDATE:  Mystery #8 sold for $25.98 plus $3.50 shipping.