Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Photographs of Loretta on eBay UPDATED

An eBay seller of vintage photographs has two black and white photos of Loretta in her shop Fiesta Needleart for sale.  The first is dated October 16, 1974, and it shows Loretta (in ruffled blouse bending over to look at latch hook rug) with other women in her store in Arvada, Colorado.

The second photograph has Loretta looking at some framed pieces of needlework, apparently award winners from an exhibit.  It also seems to have been taken in her store.  The date is July 13, 1979.  Both photographs were taken for the Denver Post newspaper and are from their archives.  They are both 8x10 inches, but oriented differently.

The seller is asking for $28.88 plus $3.50 shipping for each photograph.  As always, although sometimes I might know an eBay seller, I have no financial interest in the outcome of the sale. I have asked for permission to reproduce the photographs here but have not received a reply.  If a Loretta fan buys either, however, I would appreciate their permission to reuse the photographs.  You can always email me at LorettaSpearsDesigns@gmail.com.

UPDATE:  Both photographs disappeared from eBay, I think without selling.  I never got an answer from the seller asking permission to post smaller thumbnails here.  I am taking a chance and updating this article without permission.  If you are the seller and would like these removed because you are going to try and sell them again, please let me know.


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