Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Certificates of Authenticity (Mystery #7)

Complete Kit for Mystery #7

The limited edition Mystery #7 Heirloom  came with a certificate of authenticity.  I'd heard from some folks that they had a slip of paper instead of an official looking certificate that read something like 415 / 500 on a grid as if the number was charted to be stitched on the design somewhere.  I'd never seen one until Lara sent me the above photo of a complete kit, done without a cover page because it was all put together in a red folder.

Closeup of the Certificate of Authenticity and Numbered Slip on a Grid

None of us has come across a mystery #7 with a cover page but they all have the certificates and a few come with the numbered slips as well. If your eBay kit has a slip or came in a folder like the above, it's almost certainly as Loretta packed it for shipping.

Photographs courtesy of Lara Hartley.  Thanks!


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