Friday, May 11, 2012

Twinkle (Needle Adventures)

Twinkle Cover Page, Courtesy of Lara Hartley
Twinkle is a round ornament with a star shape in the center.  It was published in October 1994 under the Needle Adventures name.

Twinkle in Closeup, Courtesy of Needleart Nut


Twinkle Line Drawn Canvas with LS Logo, Courtesy of Lara Hartley
The line drawn canvas above seems to be for a double-sided ornament.  Note the LS logo with the L above and the S below.

Twinkle Threads and Line Drawn Canvas, Courtesy of Lara Hartley

Materials List:
white Congress cloth 5x8 inches
Kreinik #8 fine braid #202HL (Aztec Gold High Lustre)
Kreinik #8 fine braid #307 (Deep Coral red and gold mix)

Another Closeup, Courtesy of Fireside Stitchery

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