Saturday, May 5, 2012

Diagonal Brocade Egg (Loretta Spears Designs)

Diagonal Brocade Egg Cover, Courtesy of Needleartnut

Diagonal Brocade Egg was published under the Loretta Spears Design name using the typical pink cover page with a photograph. The publication date was April 1996.

Close Up Courtesy of eBay Seller msritter50


Threads and Canvas, Courtesy of Lara Hartley
Materials List:
7x7 inch square white Congress cloth
Sampler Threads "Pineapple Sherbet"
Sampler Threads "Purple Iris"
Sampler Threads "Tropical Ocean"
Sampler Threads "Morning Glory"
Sampler Threads "Pink Azalea"

This design is executed on a piece of 7 inch square white Congress cloth using five shades of a hand dyed cotton floss from The Gentle Arts.  The kit photo below shows the egg outline drawn onto the Congress cloth.  I think the kit came directly from Loretta Spears this way.  The line drawn canvas seems to have her LS logo on the side of the Congress cloth.

See Diagonal Brocade Striped Heart, which has a similar pattern.  As far as I know, only the center egg design is included in this chart.

eBay Kit Photo Courtesy of Gatesmaren

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