Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shell Pattern Roll-Up Ornament

The only design available to anyone from Loretta Spears these days is the free pattern from the Rainbow Gallery website.  It is called Shell Pattern Roll-Up Ornament, dated 1994.    This was on the Rainbow Gallery website and available as a free download but when Rainbow Gallery updated their website, they removed the free design because it uses threads that are discontinued.    However, they have agreed to allow me to post the instructions here.  I will put them in a separate tab above.  Feel free to copy and print these to work for a roll up ornament or an all over pattern for a background.


Lara stitched this ornament.

Shell Pattern Roll Up, Courtesy of Lara Hartley
This is the finished design.  It's quite pretty, isn't it?

Needleart Nut did the finishing of Lara's Shell Pattern Roll Up.  I think it is lovely!

Materials List:

7" x7" piece of 18 count Aquamarina Mono Canvas
7" x 7" Stretcher Bars
#22 &#24 Tapestry Needles
1 card Rainbow Linen (R437-Turquoise)
1 card Tiara (fI18-Gold)

Loretta included three other alternate color schemes for this design.  Use the same 7x7 piece of 18 count needlepoint canvas and 2 threads but substitute these colors:

Levantine Blue Canvas
1 card Rainbow Linen (R448-Blue) and 1 card Tiara (T117 White Pearl)

White Canvas
1 card Rainbow Linen (R402 White) and 1 card Tiara (Tll8 Gold)

Lavendula Canvas
1 card Rainbow Linen (R40E Lavender)  and 1 card Tiara (T12l-Lilac)

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