Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mystery and Ornament Chart Stickers and Labels

Apparently at least some of the mystery charts that Loretta mailed out were folded in half and held that way by a sticker that reads:

The sticker must be torn in half to open the chart. I have seen photographs of these white stickers but they are all very blurry and hard to read, so they are not reproduced here.  Loretta doesn't seem to have used these stickers consistently, so their absence doesn't prove a chart is a reproduction.


A current eBay auction for Mystery #12 Ecrusheen has a photograph of one of these stickers.

Luckily, Jo has given the Diet Pepsi and Xanax blog a sticker photo.

Photograph of Label Courtesy of Jo and Lara

UPDATE:  Lara has asked around and discovered more information about the labels and
stickers that Loretta Spears used on her various designs.  Many thanks to Sue, Jo and Lara for this information and the photograph above, which shows a label just above a photograph of the finished Sunset ornament.

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