Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Christmas Heirloom January 1993 (Needle Adventures)

Christmas Heirloom (Needle Adventures)
This small ornament was self published under the Needle Adventures name in January of 1993.  It is totally different from the Christmas Heirlooms ornaments published commercially by Needle Adventures Artist Collection in one leaflet.  There are two other ornaments published under the Christmas Heirloom name, one in September 1992 and one in February 1993.

Here is the complete cover page with a glimpse of the instructions, courtesy of Needleartnut.


Needle Necessites and DMC Flosses

The original materials list calls for rose colored canvas, DMC floss, two Anchor flosses, and an overdyed floss from Needle Necessities.  The DMC and NN flosses called for are shown above.  Needleartnut didn't have the other two threads called for so she changed the colors entirely.

Materials List:
7x7 piece of 18 count mono rose needlepoint canvas
Needle Necessities overdyed floss #150
Anchor cotton floss #873 and #968
DMC cotton floss #315

Christmas Heirloom in Blues

The photos are all courtesy of Needleartnut who has blog-stitched this piece. You can see more about her stitching here.

Here is another photo of the cover page and the threads and canvas that came with the kit.

Finished January '93 Christmas Heirloom

Here is the final blue version, from Needleart Nut.


  1. Jane, this one has a white Needle Adventures cover and on the inside page one instructions says....Christmas Heirloom, January 1993.

  2. Thanks, Pat. I take it the photo of the model was glued onto the white cover page?