Monday, February 13, 2012

Chequer Sparkle (Needle Adventures)

Chequer Sparkle
Chequer Sparkle is an ornament self published under the Needle Adventures name in January 1994.

Closeup, Courtesy of Fireside Stitchery

This is supposed to be finished into a tube, about the size of a toilet paper cardboard roll.  The instructions cover and the stitched example are both courtesy of Lara Hartley.  Here is the link to her blog where she posted these items.

Chequer Sparkle Stitched

Supplies, Courtesy of Fireside Stitchery

 Materials List:
7x7 #18 mono canvas, ash rose
7x7 stretcher bars
Rainbow Linen #R418 (pink)
Tiara #T 103 (silver)

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