Thursday, April 5, 2018

More eBay Finds

The recent glut of charts continues with seven more ornament charts, all from the same seller, and all the chart only.

Snowflake (the November 1994 ornament with this name) is available here.

Medallion from April 1993 is available here.

North Star from December 1994 is here.

Summer's End from September 1994 is here.

Midnight Jewels from December 1993 is here.

Fourth of July ornament from July 1994 is here.

Brocade Egg from March 1994 is available here.


November 1993's Christmas Heirloom Elegance diamond shaped ornament is available.  Bidding starts at $5 plus shipping for the chart only.  This seller has a second chart available (next link).

The other chart is for February 1993's Christmas Heirloom heart ornament.   Bidding starts at $5 plus shipping for the chart only.


The Christmas Heirlooms October 1992 ornament is available on eBay.  This auction is a Buy It Now and includes the original hand drawn Loretta canvas plus the instructions.  Threads are not included.


Monday, March 5, 2018

The Antique Thread Winder Sampler Stitched...

The Needleart Nut is going to stitch Loretta's Antique Thread Winder Sampler on her blog.  Stay tuned!

She is using white Congress cloth and ThreadworX overdyed floss and perle cotton in a pale lavender/mint green mix with a touch of pink.  Very springtime!

You can see as Pat works the design that it really is a band sampler.  Each row changes to a different pattern, and sometimes a different thread.

Two more, and a start on a series of darning patterns.

The darning patterns are very pretty!

The side and bottom borders are very pretty as well. They are unusual.

Here is the final result with an old mother of pearl thread winder attached in the bottom right corner.

Once Pat's version is framed I'll post a link here.


Pat is changing the colors in her version.   If you would like to look at Loretta's original model, click on this link.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Christmas Heirloom January 1993

Cover Page, Courtesy of Fireside Stitchery

Christmas Heirloom (published January 1993 under the Needle Adventures name) is a diamond-shaped design on 7x7 inch piece of rose 18 count needlepoint canvas using pink, purple and rose DMC cotton floss plus an overdyed floss in shades of pink, rose, purple and a teal green.

Closeup of the Design


Stitching Underway - Notice Outside Border in Pink

Materials List:
7x7 inch piece of rose 18 count needlepoint canvas
pink DMC cotton floss (#968?)
purple DMC cotton floss
rose DMC cotton floss
overdyed floss in shades of pink, rose, purple and a teal green

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Quilt Pattern Unstitched (1990 Version)

Quilt Pattern Line Drawing

Quilt Pattern, an outlined canvas for a class at Loretta's shop, Fiesta Needleart, has turned up on eBay.  The outline (copyright 1990 Loretta Spears Designs) is on a piece of 9 1/4 by 13 1/4 inch Congress cloth.  The seller thinks the Congress Cloth is 20-22 inch.  The auction doesn't have any written material included.

This is what the 1986 class version looks like stitched.  Note that it is on 18 count tan canvas.


Monday, May 1, 2017

Christmas Heirlooms Traditional (Needle Adventures)

Christmas Heirlooms Traditional

Traditional is a red and green diamond-shaped Christmas Heirlooms ornament published under the Needle Adventures name in Deccember 1992.  I discovered it listed on eBay today.

It didn't sell and was relisted.

I have asked the seller for information about the threads needed but have not received a response to date.


Materials List:
7x7 inch piece of (18 count gray?) mono canvas