Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Florentine Fantasy Chart on eBay UPDATED ONCE AGIN

This morning I discovered Florentine Fantasy for sale on eBay.  This is a Buy It Now auction with a price of $15 plus $4 more for shipping and postage.

This is a commercially published Needle Adventures chart with several Bargello designs, hence the name "Florentine."  It is from a consignment of various charts, some of them quite nice, but none of the rest are by Loretta Spears.

As always, I have no commercial interest in any eBay sale, although occasionally I do know the seller. The needlepoint world is a pretty small one!

UPDATE:  The above auction ended with no buyer, so this has been re-listed.  This time the auction has a $12 starting big with $3 shipping but there is a Buy It Now price of $15.60 plus shipping if you don't want to take your chances missing out.

RELISTED January 2014:  This auction also ended without a buyer so the item was listed again with $11.00 as the starting big and $3 for shipping.  The sale ended without a buyer, though.

And another listing in late January 2014:  This auction is Buy It Now for $10.50 plus $3 shipping.

UPDATE Feb. 27:  The chart still didn't sell.


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