Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Need Help

Now that there aren't so many new listings and changes to the Loretta blog, I am going back through all the information I have collected from the Loretta Spears Team (you know who you are!) to see what holes exist.  Below is a list of items I need help with.  If you can furnish more information, please email me at  Your contributions have made this site what it is today but fully documenting Loretta Spears' work isn't over yet.


I need publication dates for three of the four Needle Adventures charts published by the Artists Collection.

I can always use more photographs of finished mysteries.  I have photos of them all but the photo of Mystery #11 My Chatelaine is of a partially finished piece, not the entire design.  I'd love to have a photograph of #11 in total in particular, but good photographs of any of the mysteries would be very welcome, particularly if you changed the colors.

If you have stitched the free Shell Pattern Rollup design from Rainbow Gallery's site (there is a link in the right hand column), I'd love to have photographs.  All I have is a photo of a partially stitched version of this but I would really like to have finished and made up design photos, hopefully in lots of different colors.

I can always use more photographs of mystery cover pages and Loretta's business cards.

The biggest hole in our collection of information is finding information and cover page photographs of the small ornament designs Loretta created.  Here's the checklist of all the ornaments I know about in alpha order.  If you have one of the missing items stitched or own the chart, please pull it out and take photographs or scans for the site.  Materials lists are welcome, as are publication dates, etc.

Lara Hartley assembled a list by date of all Loretta's small ornaments in two articles on her blog.  As you look down the list, you can see holes where Loretta published something but we don't know anything about it.  If your collection of Loretta ornament charts is filed by date, please look through them and see if you have something you can photograph and/or describe to help plug these holes.


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