Saturday, February 18, 2012

Loretta's Business Cards

Loretta occasionally put a business card in with her correspondence or charts.  She did not do this consistently, so having a business card with an eBay sale (or not having one) is not a good way to judge authenticity of a chart.  Each card is described by the card stock and credited to the person who sent me a photo.

So far I have seen seven different business cards, six of which are on different stock.  If you also have a business card from Loretta, I'd love to hear from you and have a photograph for the collection.  Email me at  Thanks!


Business Cards Courtesy of G

The business cards in the photo above are (top to bottom) on blue cloud stock, pale floral stock, and cream stock.  All have identical wording, lettering and contact information. Many thanks to G for sending in this photograph.

Business Cards Courtesy of Jo

The business cards in the next photograph are courtesy of Jo and were originally published by Lara Hartley on her blog.  They appear to be on cream, pink and a ecru stock with a marbled pattern.  Note that the middle card has a logo and contact information different than what is on the other five business cards.

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